My version of success, in my flesh, which is my humanly instincts. I think ‘well if I can influence and impact this many people, I’d be successful’. But maybe, maybe, my view of success is so messed up that really the most successful thing is that one person that I impact my entire life. I might just impact one person and I would be successful. And that just blows my mind." -Tyler Joseph |-/

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Shia Labeouf for interview magazine november 2014


Photography CRAIG MCDEAN

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Tyler Joseph and the promotion of his sick as frick editing skills. @twentyonepilots

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I put flowers by my bedside
because I miss waking up
next to something that’s alive

I wear flowers on my body now
because I forgot exactly how
people look at something beautiful

I put flowers in the yard
because facing the world is hard
and I need to be welcomed home again

I put flowers on the curb tonight
because all they do is give me life
and it kills me to watch them die


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"The problem, the thing that really breaks my heart about you my sister, is that you always look for just enough rope to hang yourself with"

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"anyone that makes you feel guilty for needing to process things alone [or in an environment without strong opinions being thrown at you] does not know how to love your heart"

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